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Private Health Coaching

If you are stuck around food and despair that you can ever make any changes. This is the package for you. We will work together to develop a plan for eating.

I have studied 100 dietary theories and we will explore what is the best for you. Coaching will uncover blocks and old triggers that keep you going back to food. We will work with the inner conscious mind to allow you to change old habits that have kept you safe, but stuck.

Old habits might be hard to shift, but improvements in your life will encourage you to continue to move forward. Change often feels so natural that it comes without your even knowing that anything has changed, One on one accountability helps to give you the support to make changes. All sessions are 55 minutes.

If you can’t wait because you are going on vacation and want to look great in your clothes; or maybe you are going to a reunion or wedding or any special occasion and you want to get started now!

Look pretty as a picture in those photos memories.  Imagine wearing clothes that reveal your new shape.

You can look and feel great and start to build tools for a lifetime of freedom around food!


The Allergy Elimination Diet

This is the diet we did when our son, Eli, was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. This approach is not for the faint of heart. This is a hard core approach to ridding the body of inflammation. It requires time and effort, but is well work while. Eli is now symptom free. This is by invitation only. Please set up a 55 minute strategy session to determine if we are a good fit. A customized program for those who really want to see if they can get rid of auto immune symptoms by doing the allergy elimination diet. I will lead you through what we did to heal intestinal permeability and get rid of the symptoms of JRA in our son.

What are the symptoms that we will address? Keep reading; it’s exciting! Conditions thought to be caused by intestinal permeability are: food intolerances (especially gluten and dairy), thyroid problems, gastric ulcers, infectious diarrhea, IBS, skin conditions particularly acne and psoriasis, Crohn’s, ulcerative colitis, celiac, allergies, respiratory infections, chronic inflammatory conditions like arthritis, type two diabetes, auto immune disease, chronic fatigue, difficult weight loss despite healthy eating…the list goes on and on. Chronic inflammation is the root of most diseases.

​​​​​​​While these diseases are linked, there is not yet a causal relationship established. Science has not yet gotten to the point of proving leaky gut causes these conditions, but rather they have been linked as occurring simultaneously. As Hippocrates said: “All disease begins in the gut”.

What is the gamble are you willing to take? An assured life of painful symptoms or taking some actions steps to heal your gut?

I could not bear to see my son suffer. I could not bear the idea of him being in a wheelchair and guaranteed a life of chronic pain and joint deterioration.

If you are interested please set up a strategy session. Let’s have a conversation to see if you are a good match for the program and get you on the road to feeling better!

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Are you dissatisfied with your body and just know that your relationship with addictive foods is disrupting your health and your life?
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